Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate Marketing Training - The Secret

Affiliate Marketing Training – The Secret

In this affiliate marketing training, you’re going to learn how to make money as an affiliate the right way, so grab a pen and listen up.

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in… your readers what results. They aren’t just shooting the breeze when they are visiting your website or blog. They are there because they are looking for some kind of result. And your goal is to help them start moving towards whatever it is that they want.

And when you do it right, it’s like drugs to them…

But you’ve gotta remember that if you just try to SELL them stuff like just about every other affiliate does – you’re never gonna get the results YOU want.

You’ll work your tail off doing the same worn out crap that everybody else does. And you’ll get the same results as them.

Not cool.

Remember – you want to know how to do affiliate marketing right – and since the majority are ALWAYS wrong, you don’t want to do what the average affiliate does.

Affiliate Marketing Training – Give People Results In Advance

This is probably the biggest affiliate marketing training tips you’ll ever read… A few weeks ago, I was going back through Frank Kern’s Mass Control training, and I was reminded about what he calls “Results In Advance”

It’s where you sit down and work out the PROCESS your prospect needs to go through to get the results they are after. And then you show them specifically HOW to get the first couple of steps in getting that result completed.

Instead of “hinting” that they will get a result if they buy the product you are recommending (affiliate marketing training typically calls this giving people ‘useful but incomplete’ content), you give them the information and tools they need to actually start getting some results.

Affiliate Marketing Training Tip – You Need People’s Attention

As I said earlier, when you give people the help they need to start moving towards their goals, it’s like drugs to them.

They want more of the same, because they can see their life changing for the better just because of the free stuff you gave them.

Your status goes way up in the eyes of your reader because you’ve demonstrating higher value.

And that generates… ATTENTION.

And once you have their attention, you control their frame of reference.

So how do you give people results in advance?

Well the best way to start is to map out the steps in the process your prospect needs to go through to achieve the result they are looking for.

Affiliate Marketing Training – Let’s Look At An Example

Let’s say your readers want to know how to find their dream life partner.

The steps in the process are probably something like this –

  • Approach a women they are attracted to without getting instantly rejected and made to feel like a leper
  • Get to know her and hold a conversation without looking like a stupid dork
  • Ask for her phone number in a way that’s cool without looking needy and desperate
  • Call her and ask for a first date in a way she finds almost impossible to say no to
  • Know what to say and how to act on that first date so you get THE NEXT date
  • And so on…

See, there are steps like this in EVERY process, and if you break it down in this way, they are easy to see.

Then your goal becomes giving your readers the first few steps in the process so they see initial results.

Affiliate Marketing Training – How To Look Like A Genius

If you do this, your readers are gonna see you as a freakin genius, and they will take your advice in the future when you recommend products or services that help move them closer towards their ultimate goal.

OK, so that’s the end of this affiliate marketing training article and now you’ve got some work to do. Plan out the 10 steps required to get to the main goal your prospects are trying to achieve.

Then start thinking about how you can give them results in advance so they can start reaching the first step or two.

The final step in learning how to do affiliate marketing profitably, is to tie products that help your readers complete ALL of the remaining steps involved in getting them to your goal. So you GIVE them the first few steps, and let them BUY the rest.

How cool is that?

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